SURE! CIS & Billing for Energy Utilities

Customer engagement strategies and customer experience are key to the business model successful utilities are implementing. Aligning customer experience with employees is key to their active involvement in the many changes they will be implementing.

Present day Utilities customers want things to be personal, local and real time. Earlier they’d use energy, receive the bill and pay the bill. Today, Utilities customers want control over:

  • How much they pay ?
  • What they use?
  • What channels they use?
  • How they communicate?
  • When do they talk to Utility?

SURE! Energy Solutions provides flexible, scalable and modular business support systems for Electric Utilities. The solution supports end to end life cycle management of energy customers including real time usage collection, dynamic tariff configuration (including peak and off peak configuration) and billing and ledger posting. Flexibility in configuring multiple tariff models enable companies to perform a better load management, massive reduction in customer cost and overall customer satisfaction.  SURE! provides Utilities with key customer care features such as Web and Mobile Self-care, call center solutions, IVR, real time communication options, multiple pricing models and payments channels for Utility companies and their customers.

Municipal Utilities Solution from SURE!
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