SURE! Billing & CRM for TV Broadcaster to manage affiliates

As a Broadcaster, you distribute content to end customers via DTH, Cable TV, IPTV and other TV network providers, managing distribution contracts/agreements with affiliates is key to your business model. Each of these agreements can be unique and can include parameters from distribution exclusivity, minimum guarantee, type of subscribers, and many more

Maintaining partner network and Hierarchy based information access to affiliates is a critical challenge in your business. Revenue-sharing with Third Party partners and automating monthly invoicing and affiliate billing is another key challenge.

SURE! Broadcaster CRM solution for Broadcasters is crafted to deliver success to your business along with the following benefits:

  • Manage operations and distribution in multiple countries.
  • Automated monthly invoicing and affiliate billing.
  • Automates services provisioning and de-provisioning by integrating with conditional access systems
  • Partner management & extensive contract management
  • Available in On-premise and Hosted models
  • Pre-integrated with all leading CAS vendors and open to integrate with any 3rd party applications

Get access to SURE! Broadcaster billing, Broadcaster CRM and Broadcaster affiliate billing.

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