SURE! Billing & CRM for Multi-Play Operators

Customers are increasingly demanding for more services from single operator platform. With the advancements in Technology, different segments of services like Voice, Video and Data can be provided by single Communications Service Provider and leverage the opportunities associated with multiple offerings. Thus, Pay TV players have to gear up to compete with new players entering the market, be it Telecom companies and/or the Broadband service providers. Trends show that the adoption of cost-effective Multi-play services by customers is the key driver in the global Pay TV market.

Traditional Pay TV players have to evolve and adjust to changing dynamics, including the paradigm shift in delivery of content over the Internet, offering multiple services (high speed internet, telephony etc.), flexible packaging and pricing to compete in the dynamic market. But many services, many bills can be cumbersome – for the multi-play operator to generate and for the customer to receive and keep track. Real-time charging and converged multi-play billing allows CSPs to address this challenge and gain flexibility to enter new markets for increased revenues and customer loyalty.

SURE! Multi-Play CRM helps you to significantly enhance your customers’ experience by automating all customer care processes including Lead Management, Contact Center, Trouble Ticket Management, Work Force Management, Business Analytics, Field/Work Force Automation, Campaign Management, Subscriber Web self-care and more. At any given point, a 360 degree view of the customer is available at fingertip and adopt improvement mechanisms so as to take the relationship to the next level.

Try the SURE! Converged billing & CRM solution for multiple services and enjoy the following benefits.

Multi-Play Billing Benefits Pay TV Billing Benefits
  • Empowers CSR in cross selling & up selling of services
  • Enables quick launch of services
  • Enables On screen reminder messaging
  • Supports flexible pricing models
  • Manages Subscriber’s credit limits & credit balances
  • Supports emerging services
  • Co-exists with third-party systems
  • Rates multiple services on real-time basis
  • Accommodates Mobile SMS ordering of PPV/VOD services
  • Assists in identifying business patterns, analyze performance, and build reports for key decision making
Broadband Billing Benefits
  • Flexible to define unlimited number of services
  • Anytime usage statistics presentment
  • Advance payment methods including online payment, direct debit and prepaid vouchers
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