Billing & CRM for IPTV / OTT Operators

Digitization of content and the wide-spread availability of unlimited high speed internet access, and burgeoning of multimedia devices coupled with consumer preference for TV Everywhere have spawned a new era in over-the-top (OTT) services. This provides a major opportunity for content owners and service providers to address the customer need for TV Everywhere.

From a billing perspective, many of the existing billing systems may not be able to define a customer without physical identity. OTT billing should be an enabler to service providers to capitalize on their business models but not a barrier to winning customers. In such a scenario, innovative billing system is required which can recognize a customer with no home phone or a physical address; support login using social media accounts; recommend content based on the subscriber interests; support event based, pre-paid and postpaid billing; integrated with 3rd party software etc.

SURE! OTT CRM helps you to significantly enhance your customers’ experience by automating all customer care processes including Lead Management, Contact Center, Trouble Ticket Management, Work Force Management, Business Analytics, Field/Work Force Automation, Campaign Management, Subscriber Web self-care and more. At any given point, a 360 degree view of the customer is available at fingertip and adopt improvement mechanisms so as to take the relationship to the next level.

SURE!, a Magnaquest product, has a solution designed specifically for OTT service providers. SURE! equips you with all the necessary systems that will help you to launch and market your OTT multiscreen services quickly along with all the necessary tools which helps you to monetize your services, drive revenues and profits.

SURE! is built on open integration framework, pre-integrated with leading Online video platforms and can integrate with any third party software/platform. Key features include,

  • Subscriber Management – Manages subscriber information and supports login using social media account information
  • Billing – Supports multiple revenue models; Event based ordering, Annual Subscriptions, Monthly Subscriptions  in pre-paid and post-paid
  • CRM – 3600 view of the subscriber to ensure quick resolution of the issues raised and to ensure customer satisfaction
  • OTT Video Portal for Operators – Operator to select from pre-designed templates or create a new one according to the operator business needs
  • Content Management System – Lightweight CMS to ensure smooth flow of the content delivery
  • Integration with CDN – To ensure there is no lag in the content presentation
  • Recommendation Engine – Classification of your content to recommend related content to the user based on their interest, genre, demographics, etc. Keeps the subscriber interest longer.
  • Business Analytics – To generate reports and analyze data to arrive at the right decisions
  • Campaign Management System – For higher monetization and faster customer acquisition or engage existing subscribers
Benefits that SURE! offer:
  • Work-flow engine to introduce a new service, to create a new order and fulfilling the same
  • Supports multiple currencies and multi-level taxation
  • Intelligent Policy modeling, support of Multi-screen model
  • Pre-Integrated with various DRM, Middleware, CMS and other eco-system partners
  • Social media integrations for publishing the remarks
  • Shortest possible time-to-market
  • Asset/Inventory Management
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