SURE! Gives you the right set of tools to

Prevent Churn
Keep a track of unsubscribes by plan and region with our analytics tools. Initiate a point of contact to access and address their needs better with our campaign management tool.
Gain more subscribers
Gain and retain subscribers around the globe by connecting them wherever they are with our powerful campaign management tool
Deliver Impeccable QoE and QoS
With our most simplified billing solution and social login integration, reduce customer’s time-to-content intended at creating delighted customers.
Cloak higher LTV
With our customer support and trouble ticket resolution system, fix subscriber issues in real-time and retain them for longer duration.
Get back the ability to properly define your customers irrespective of physical identity and thus carry out precise billing, by plugging
Business Model
Our Simple and exhaustive product catalogue endows 100% flexibility to implement new and innovative pricing techniques

By addressing your challenges

finding Finding Correct business model
content Content Security
authen Authentication
qos Intuitive QoE and QoS
understanding Understand customer behavior
target Third party integrations

Our Offerings

Customer self service
360o Self View
Subscriber has the total control over his profile, can make payments, check usage and manage subscription through mobile or web app.
Other Settings
Allow the subscriber to define & create their own subscription, update product/plans and payment info.
Business Management
Offering Management
Manage and configure the entire gamut of complex products and pricing information without effecting service quality.
Revenue Management
Gives the flexibility to businesses to manage multiple types of subscriptions be it advance pay, post pay, pre pay or freemium
Partner Management & Revenue Settlements
Record all agreements done with content owners, track payments to be made to or collected.
Inventory Management
In case of Box based OTT, track the inventory items and maintain optimum returns, repairs
Make the system works as per your business needs thus automating all operations, reducing people interaction and improving business efficiency.
SURE!.com REST API lets you integrate with the CDN of your choice. However our system is pre major CDN and OTT platform providers
Subscription CRM
Key information management
Records and store customer details like name, ID, term, start date, renewal terms, products, billing type and frequency.
Service Management
All complaints are registered via calls, IVRS, Web self care or from Shop Outlets are properly tracked, assigned, monitored and closed and communication is given back to customer. Also, track complaints
Order Management
Work on your customer requests the moment they are generated. Whether it is related to provisioning or complaints, our system prioritize requests on various parameters.
Marketing Management
Roll out and monitor various online and offline campaigns by being where your customers are. Monitor key metric and improve your campaign effectiveness.
Inventory Management
In case of Box based OTT, track the inventory items and maintain 360o Self View Subscriber has the total control ove
Analytics & Reporting
Subscriber Analytics
Set of key data points nicely articulated in graphical format, let’s you know your customer better to keep a constant check on churn, customer sentiment and quality of service.
Get an answer to “What is the most profitable region?” Profitable monetization model view, revenue by duration yearly or yearly basis. Which content is producing maximum revenue?