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SURE! Broadband Billing & CRM Solution

Convergence and multiple-play have opened up newer horizons for broadband players to explore. Recurring payment businesses thrive on the ability to retain customers, increase ARPU and monetize more services that their subscribers are using.

SURE! Broadband billing & CRM Suite for Broadband Operators enables a growing Broadband operator to leverage on their robust network and deliver services at consistent quality without compromising on the bottom line.

With an experience of some of the myriad customer types across the world, SURE! Suite of products is a clever combination of subscription management techniques and comprehensive feature set. With deployments in some of the fastest growing markets like India (Hathway Cable, GTPL), South Africa (iBurst), Kenya (Wananchi), Nigeria(one of the largest fiber ISP in Nigeria), Philippines, Indonesia (PT Jasnita), Australia, Nepal (Web Surfer), Sri Lanka(Very Large Tier2 ISP), Bangladesh (Link3), etc., our suite has evolved into a one stop broadband billing solution for growing broadband operators across the world.

Addressing the criticalities of growing ISP challenges, SURE! Suite is a technology agnostic convergent ISP billing and CRM system which supports popular technologies like WiFi, WiMAX, FTTx (Fiber), xDSL, LTE (4G), etc. Hence the operator can expand his network in terms of technology, services or subscribers, SURE! Platform will be able to grow with them.

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