Mobile Broadband / WiMax / 3G billing

The penetration of devices like smartphones and tablets in large numbers in both the developed and developing worlds has added mobility to the subscribers’ data and content needs. They are going places and so is your business. However, delivering to a customer who’s always on the move comes with its own set of challenges. Establishing the network with high speeds and flexible plans is the key challenge. Driving revenue growth and increasing ARPU comes a close second. You need a solution that gives you an end-to-end control over all the services, experience, monetization and quality.

SURE! offers an advantage to WiMAX Service Providers/ Operators by offering a Pre-integrated WiMAX CSN Platform including AAA, Policy Manager (PCRF), BSS, Subscription Management, Ordering, Billing, Customer care, Rating & Charging (OCS) enabling faster roll out services to market of and flexibility to select the complete solution or some of the modules.

SURE! WiMAX CSN Solution is a convergent solution that is future ready to support Next Generation services such as high-speed internet, IPTV, VoIP, and other services on the same platform. It supports retail WiMAX services such as Wireless Broadband, On Demand Services, VoIP, Content services VAS Services as well as Wholesale Multisite WiMAX deployments.

Key Features Business Benefits
Pre-integrated WiMAX CSN Platform including AAA, Policy Manager (PCRF), Rating & Charging (OCS). Flexible, scalable and is network agnostic functioning through a unified control layer that can seamlessly integrate the WiMAX offering with other fixed wireless network.
BSS, Subscription Management, Ordering and Billing. Robust, scalable and reliable AAA – Dual Stack protocol ready. Capacity to handle thousands of RADIUS and DIAMETER requests per second on suitable hardware at a single instance
Pre-integrated with leading ASN gateways and DPI engines. Eases Migration, in case the operator plans to migrate to technologies like 4G/LTE
Compliant to NWG1.2 – To support mobile WiMAX features such as device authentication and mobile IP Makes it possible to serve multiple customer segments from residential internet to large enterprise requirements for end to end internet solutions, from a single window
Customer Self-Care
Flexible to define unlimited number of services
Unified controls for Prepaid & postpaid services
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