MVNOs are now in the hot seat to effectively market to their niche customer base and be able to respond as their subscribers evolve. This has led to a greater need by MVNOs to identify and target niche markets in a smarter, more sophisticated manner.

Success depends on knowing your market and subscriber base—and being able to reach out with personalized service bundles, promotions and campaigns at the right time.

For successful delivery you need an enabler who knows you, understands you and builds products that perfectly suits you. Are you having one?

Are you SURE!

The world has seen an upsurge of growth in MVNOs in the past year. As an MVNO player, you know that while this surge indicate the viability of this space, it also proves that this is a very competitive and cluttered space. Differentiation through a compelling value proposition is more important than any other time in the past.

MVNOs worldwide are expanding their services to include broadband billing, marketing support, competitive analysis and more. As a result, market share and growth trends are dynamically evolving throughout the world.

SURE! OSS/BSS bundled service Platform helps our clients to manage their wireless and wire line networks from the perspective of one integrated service. As an MVNO you’d experience:

  • Ability to manage various modules like rating, billing, CRM and more.
  • Management of Multiple Currencies, languages, etc.,
  • Multi Tenant Approach – Multiple MVNO’s can connect on the same platform.
  • Reduced TCO and time to market.
  • Prepaid and postpaid models supported on a single platform.
  • A carrier grade solution with full BSS/OSS Framework.
  • Ready to use integration with various network elements.
  • Streamlined business process
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