SDN and NFV Billing Solution for Network Operators

Network operators are transitioning from physical networks to network clouds with the constantly changing expectations and increasing capacity demands of their customers; in order to provide innovative and competitive new services. The growing need to provide complex services quickly at the lowest cost possible with improved quality of service is leading them virtualize networks based on  Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) principles.

Network virtualization enables operators to advance their growth plans and revenues by reducing the cost of building networks (Capex) and network operations (Opex). SDN brings real-time programmability on to the networks enabling centralized and dynamic control of network traffic. With SDN and NFV, network operators are able to address the challenge of increasing complexity of infrastructure and achieve services innovation with quick deployment and lower costs.

Software Defined Networking / Network Functions Virtualization (SDN/NFV) is enabling IaaS / Data center providers to develop innovative business models and introduce new revenue streams. Services that are enabled by SDN/NFV include Network Function as a Service, Data as a Service, Bandwidth as a Service, Third-party Bundled Services, Bandwidth Exchange, and Enterprise Cloud Services among others. As the number of services that are to be offered are raising, network operators need an efficient BSS that can handle the complexities of tracking the exact usage of these services and billing them accurately. SURE! Software Defined Networking / Network Functions Virtualization (SDN/NFV) billing solution allows network providers to address the challenge of monetizing the ever evolving complex business models with network virtualization.

Key Features:
  • Facilitates customers with flexible definition of their own complex plans & services and enables dynamic pricing with the help of dynamic product catalog
  • Enables automated and real-time provisioning of network services without any manual intervention
  • Enhances customer experience by supporting customers to add/replace existing set of services with user created services with the help of self-care portal
  • Enables accurate charging, flexible rating and dynamic billing for innovative and complex bundles of services
  • Enables operators to maintain efficient partner agreements and revenue settlements with pre-defined SLAs
  • Supports multiple third party vendors and gateways integration  with the help of web-services / open APIs
  • Provides real –time performance metrics, that enables utilization of network services efficiently, with the help of analytics based reporting tool
Business Benefits:
  • Maximized revenues and profitability with automated provisioning and real-time charging & billing.
  • Decreased time to market with the dynamic product catalog that allows real-time definition of services.
  • Improved business efficiency and enhanced customer experience with web self-care portal that empowers customers to define their own plans & services.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership with an enterprise grade solution that brings in automation and improves operational efficiency.
  • Decreased revenue leakages by real-time processing solutions and having efficient suspense management.
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