Triple Play Solution – VoIP, IPTV, OTT

Today, Mobile Data Offloading is not an option but is THE cost-effective way to satisfy customers’ ever-increasing hunger for bandwidth. It enhances user experience and reduces churn. But,

Are you equipped with the market leader to support you in Mobile Data Offload/Wi-Fi Offload?

Are you SURE!

A growing demand for personalized services and proliferation of multiple formats of content could mean the subscriber interfacing with different provider for different kinds of services – a situation that could be very inconvenient and arduous. The result – rise in the subscription of converged services.

Huge investments in the network infrastructure and rising competition have forced operators to deliver a broad range of services to their customers/subscribers. “Triple Play” has created a converged services delivery architecture that provides voice, data and videos services on different access networks. In order to facilitate the same, operators need a pre-integrated broadband billing solution that helps in bundling services, activate the service in no time, manage partner settlements, manage collections, and provide a 360 degree view of the customer to cross-sell/up-sell contextually without compromising on SLA.

SURE! Triple Play solution provides operators a unified platform that can seamlessly scale to serve any number of customers and services. It is an efficient and integrated solution that helps service providers deploy new services quickly and in cost-efficient way enhancing their profitability, enhance customer loyalty, reduce churn and thereby help recover their network investments rapidly. SURE! solution not only creates avenues for providers access new customer segments but also helps in attaining higher average revenue per user (ARPU).

Key Business Benefits

  • Rapid roll-out of service and service bundles – Very efficient Product Catalogue Management system
  • Real-time service provisioning and convergent billing for Multiple Services including VoIP, Internet and Video services
  • Unified controls for Multiple Business models (Prepaid-postpaid/ Retail/Corporate)
  • Curbs revenue leakages – Centralized Subscriber management across all Services in Triple Play
  • Contextual and relevant up-sell/cross-sell – 360 degree customer view in a single window interface
  • Compliant with all necessary Regulatory standards in the industry
  • Easily integrates with all 3rd party systems in the ecosystem
  • Supports N-level tax structure
  • Flexible charging options, payment modes and collection modes
  • Efficient Partner management – Helps in settlement with Content Partners/broadcasters, VoIP Partners, Distributors/Resellers
  • Very effective Inventory management – Helps in handling STBs and etc.
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