WiFi Offload

Today, Mobile Data Offloading(MDO) is not an option but is THE cost-effective way to satisfy customers’ ever-increasing hunger for bandwidth. For an unprecedented user experience and reduction in churn operators are turning towards MDO. But,

Are you equipped with the market leader to support you in Mobile Data Offload/Wi-Fi Offload?


From a recent study, there are 200 million mobile video playbacks every day on YouTube. The demand for data-intensive services by your subscribers is on the rise and seamless experience is no more an ask but is taken for granted. Personalization of entertainment and on-demand services make WiFi offload a necessity to ease congestion and deliver a high quality service to the end-user.

As a service provider, you are aware of the challenges in this area are multi-fold. You need seamless connectivity, the ability to Server Native and Off-Load Scenarios, and also to bundle Wi-Fi Services along with regular telecom/broadband services. Most importantly you need to cater to different types of users and have an accurate differential rating mechanism.

SURE! offers solace for operators as the solution for WiFi Offload Ecosystem is sophisticated, agile and offers the following benefits:

  • Seamless Authentication – An extension to 3G/LTE using Wispr
  • Lowest TCO
  • Highly transparent gains on CAPEX and OPEX
  • Complete Eco-System (Native and MDO)
  • Provides additional revenue opportunities by bundling Wi-Fi services along with regular telecom networks
  • Intelligent Policy management for offload scenarios
  • Seamless connectivity (Automatic identification), and Enriching user experience
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