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Why OTT needs agile subscription billing platform for success?

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Jan, 2019

  Over the top (OTT) services have revolutionized the way in which the world enjoys media and entertainment. Streaming of media over the internet has led to a swifter delivery of preferred content via online on our smart devices, thereby replacing broadcast television and cable services and it is quite evident from the stats. In a report by Experian Marketing Services, it was documented that that about 7.3 percent (8.6 million) US households have completely given up the traditional TV cable system. The report was compiled in the year 2015 […]


Necessity of having a Accurate & Robust Billing System

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Dec, 2016

The Traditional Business Model did not require much of brain storming as it was just one-time billing and it was done with simplicity without causing any hassle for the consumer or the billing authority. The entrance of recurring business model has increased mental work for the billing department as apart from a fix services customer has the power to anytime subscribe or unsubscribe from any of the add on services. Thus, if your billing model does not support these features the company may not be able to track the amount […]