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Broadband Over Power Lines

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Apr, 2017

Internet has become a very important part of our everyday lives. Demand for dependable, high speed internet is increasing day by day. Cisco recently announced that data traffic has grown 63% in 2016, from 4.4 exabytes per month to 7.2 exabytes per. This is good news for everyone, however the infrastructure required for dependable high speed internet is not available in most of the areas, especially in rural areas. Fiber doesn’t reach entire population and wireless technologies are still evolving. For countries with most of their population still living in […]


Importance of Subscriber Analytics & How it can be a benefit for ISPs

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Sep, 2016

Subscriber analytics overview- Ability to manage the subscribers and subscriptions is a priority requirement to be followed by the service providers. This makes the company better in terms of managing their customers and their services. Over the past few years, it has become a major difference and achievement as the MSOs are increasingly uplifting the customer experience. Let it be any device whether a smart-phone or a tablet and a video or even the security features , the network technologies is rapidly enhancing and taking over the more diverse and […]


Is Broadband pricing moving from Unlimited to Usage based pricing?

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Apr, 2016

Recently Comcast announced that it will be implementing a limit to the amount of data that can be used for a certain period of time. Beyond the set limit the end user will be charged extra for the amount of data he/she uses. Following this AT&T has already initiated data caps and CenturyLink is considering doing the same. Hence the question arises: “Is Broadband pricing moving from Unlimited to Usage based pricing?” Home internet will soon give you the feeling of a smart phone with data plans and surcharges. With […]


Wi-Fi: An integral part of our everyday life

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Feb, 2016

Wireless internet service has changed the way people use the internet. Emergence of smartphones combined with WiFi penetration has brought a sea-change in the utilization of internet. To some extent, WiFi has been instrumental in the growth of data traffic as well. Its emergence has greatly benefited all of us, however, it also brought in few risks. This article summarizes both pros and cons of WiFi. Ease of Access The most immediate advantage for wireless Internet access is that you are not bound to sit at your desk, using a […]


An inside view of Australian National Broadband Network (NBN)…. Pros and Cons from end user perspective

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Jan, 2016

Several countries have launched implementation of NBN and several more are in the planning stage. There is lot of eagerness in the market, however, there are lot more unanswered questions from Operators perspective and end user perspective. In this report, SURE! Broadband team at Magnaquest chooses to present its view on Australia’s National Broadband Network from end-customer perspective in terms of Pros & Cons and modus operandi. The Australia’s National Broadband Network is bringing out a brand new high speed broadband network, substituting already existing infrastructure and the goal is […]


Delivering Broadband in Rural Areas via Satellite & Wi-Fi

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Dec, 2015

  People who are living in the rural areas are often struggling to get a fast broadband, some of them are unable to receive the broadband at all, while there are some others who are stuck with a speed less than 2Mbps. The internet day-to-day usage is a bit frustrating and sometimes even impossible proposition for some people. There are many issues which affect the delivery of the fast broadband in the rural areas. Following are some related key issues as well as possible solutions to deliver broadband in rural […]


How a simple line of fiber has become a socio-political weapon and a social equalizer beyond boundaries

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Aug, 2014

When communication revolution started, no one might have imagined the scale at which it might change the world and how much it end up impacting our lives. After decades of mammoth strides, we are living in a world where information is absolute power. Information, used at the right time in the right situation is all that is needed to push the world into an absolute awe or absolute anarchy. People, powerful people, are powerful because they know this for a fact have been successful in positioning the information that is […]


Africa: Now and Beyond.

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Jul, 2014

Africa is the second largest and the second-most-populous continent in the world. With that population and the rapidly expanding consumer base, the African market is poised for an explosive growth in terms of embracing evolving communication technologies. If the projected growth rates for African economy are to be true, it will outpace some of the fastest moving economies of the world in the next 5 years. African businesses recognizes the importance of emerging technologies such as mobile, cloud, and social media in the current dynamic marketplace, though the adoption rate […]


Be Aware and Arrest Revenue Leakages

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Jul, 2014

What is one of the key features to be supported by collection, mediation, rating and billing solution? The ability to interact with Next Generation Networks (NGN) by supporting multiple protocols. As the technology is evolving to IP based applications and beyond, it is quite important that the users have to be authenticated, authorized and accounted for in real time. Latency and Revenue Leakage Many a times the AAA functions are performed with some latency. This obviously calls for a revenue leakage which becomes huge if the latency is quite high […]


How Brazilian Bandwidth Market is cranked up to full throttle by Half Time FIFA CUP

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Jun, 2014

We are half way into the FIFA world cup and Brazil has not enjoyed being the center of attraction in the recent times. Watched by nearly half of the world’s population, the market energy created by the event is unprecedented. With every country cheering for their home team, nobody wants to miss a game. At the same time, we cannot accommodate our favorite teams’ match during our work hours. But thanks to smart phones, social media and a wide range of apps, you will not miss any updates. Be it […]