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Cloud era – Process Transformation in MSPs’ service delivery and operations

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Nov, 2015

Cloud Computing is a both a challenged and lush green BIG opportunity for Managed Service Providers. The primitive challenges are of multi-fold ranging from technological to operational to integration related. Service assurance, Billing and revenue assurance, Reporting, Audit and Compliance related challenges are also a few additions. Let me throw some light on what these challenges are and how Cloud computing impacts the services. Automatic Service Management Service Management is mainly about suspending and resuming services based on available credit and other billing cues. A Service Provider needs to have […]


MSP’s Pricing Strategy and Value Proposition

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Oct, 2015

MSP’s Pricing Strategy and Value Proposition Managed Services isn’t a product that you can scale the way a factory item that can be produced in bulk as a commodity. Managed Services is a day to day executions basis business, the winner will be one who will execute the best way. It is the gauge of whose is the top quartile and who can express the value with proper pricing and get the customers who looking for value at the Right Price. MSP market is growing globally in a fast pace […]