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Why Dynamic Packaging and Pricing to Improve monetization?

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May, 2017

Innovative packaging and pricing are one the most common problems faced by any business offering product/services on subscription, along with managing churn and improving subscriber base. Getting the package right is one of major responsibility of marketing team. The team has to go under extreme brainstorming session that includes thorough understanding of customer persona, and then decide the no of plans, kind of plans, target segment of each plan and metric to measure the performance. Planning and implementing at once is not a major problem. Issues arise the moment your […]


“TV Everywhere” is becoming popular. Are developing markets OTT ready, Now?

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Sep, 2015

As the demand for OTT is growing rapidly in the developed markets, operators in the emerging markets are not sure about the timing of adopting OTT model for new revenues. As an overlay, businesses need to overcome these bottlenecks for the successful adoption of OTT platform. High speed data infrastructure: The high quality and high speed network is not ubiquitous in the developing markets, thus challenging businesses in the adoption of OTT. Even if there are growing investments in broadband infrastructure for improved network speed and performance, the caps on […]