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The Dilemma of ISPs and Their Future

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Sep, 2016

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) earn their maximum revenue by the house-holds which take their services. The Wi-Fi services which you wish to avail comes with installation of the router, a device with antenna and wires. To get the internet fast and let the various devices connect to it and have a hassle free functioning, the customer doesn’t mind getting that device installed in their house and go through all that long process of installation and securing through password and login. The Wi-Fi Hotspot has been changing this scenario, instead of […]


7 habits of Highly Successful ISPs/Fixed BB providers:

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Mar, 2016

Interaction with successful organization and our research on market leaders gave us the following 7 factors to keep in mind, in-order to be successful in today’s highly competitive market: Offering in line with customer expectations: Might sound obvious but due of continuous market changes, development of new technologies and increasing competition, it is possible to lag behind. It is critical to be attractive to customers over time. Hence, continuous analysis of the market trends and aligning offering with customer expectations is very important. Value Added Services: Our analysis finds that […]


5 Simple Yet Powerful Techniques for ISPs to Maximize Revenue “and with negligible CapEx rise!”

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5 Simple Yet Powerful Techniques for ISPs to Maximize Revenue “and with negligible CapEx rise!” An ISP primarily provides internet access as a service to its customers; they are de facto gatekeepers of the internet. As a business, ISPs primary focus is to provide a consistent and high quality service to its customers as well as delivering a good return on investment for its shareholders. An interesting observation is that, ISPs initially did not have any business model upon which they could base their services, therefore they borrowed freely from […]