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Why Dynamic Packaging and Pricing to Improve monetization?

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May, 2017

Innovative packaging and pricing are one the most common problems faced by any business offering product/services on subscription, along with managing churn and improving subscriber base. Getting the package right is one of major responsibility of marketing team. The team has to go under extreme brainstorming session that includes thorough understanding of customer persona, and then decide the no of plans, kind of plans, target segment of each plan and metric to measure the performance. Planning and implementing at once is not a major problem. Issues arise the moment your […]


How do MSP’s survive in a industry characterized by me-too products and frequent price cuts?

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Sep, 2016

All MSP’s need to work very smart in order to avoid commoditization and the best approach here is to maneuver price competition the right way. In fact, commoditization is seen as a major threat in the MSP industry because new players will always try to go lower. This will encourage the industry to get commoditized and that’s bad for business. Sure!, having MSP monetization created the right way and dealing with the vendor management efficiently is the right way to do it.You should never try to justify the fees that […]


MSPs in an Initial Stage of Migration from Generalist To Specialist Firms

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Apr, 2016

Whether it is small scale, medium or a large scale enterprise, a majority of them are outsourcing their business needs pertaining to the Information Technology Sector to Managed Service Providers. Although with the advent of cloud computing, there has been a challenge before managed service providers where in they are entitled to deliver cloud based services channelized in a manner that will best suit their clients, they are emerging from the generalist to the specialist categorization of their core structure. From providing a series of services such as billing, vendor […]



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Mar, 2016

Who are Managed Service Providers (MSPs)? There is a lot of hype in the biz world that talks about Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Cloud Computing. But when it comes to defining and choosing between the two for your small business, you are too busy running errands than finding the right strategy. Keeping things simple, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) refers to the team or company that manages or runs your IT solutions which would otherwise be taken care of by your internal IT team. From keeping the hardware up and […]