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The Raise of Cloud Computing adoption an Important Trend to Watch for a MSP!?

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Feb, 2016

Cloud computing solutions are growing to be very well-known throughout the business world these days. But, plenty of people are continuing to be confused regarding what cloud computing solutions are and what really it can certainly do for them. Cloud computing implies the enterprise not anymore has the software and other business solutions hosted on their own servers. They pay a 3rd-party service to host the software and other solutions so that these solutions work for them anytime required. Cloud computing solutions have numerous benefits as well as some drawbacks. […]


MSP’s Challenges in meeting customer expectation in Services Delivery and the Solution(s) to overcome those

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Dec, 2015

The new competitive landscape for MSPs puts a huge premium on the customer experience as a main key driver of the competitive advantage plus the customer loyalty. With a wide variety of choices for service, customers are moving away from pre-paid programs and jumping to better offers. As the customer demands for services grow every single day, and at the same time, the acceptance of poor service shrinks, then providing a consistent positive experience with superior service and a wider variety of offerings became the success “mantra” and which is […]