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Why OTT needs agile subscription billing platform for success?

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Jan, 2019

  Over the top (OTT) services have revolutionized the way in which the world enjoys media and entertainment. Streaming of media over the internet has led to a swifter delivery of preferred content via online on our smart devices, thereby replacing broadcast television and cable services and it is quite evident from the stats. In a report by Experian Marketing Services, it was documented that that about 7.3 percent (8.6 million) US households have completely given up the traditional TV cable system. The report was compiled in the year 2015 […]


OTT Everywhere……

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Sep, 2017

Last few quarters it’s OTT Everywhere. Broadcasters to Content Houses to startups to operators, everyone’s talking OTT. It all looks exciting, but the big question – what’s the Success Factors? and what draws viewers to a platform.  According to me Content, Pricing, Ease of use and Analytics/Recommendations will define the success of the platform. Content: While the flexibility to watch content anywhere anytime is exciting, it’s the content that matters. Operators will have to find the right mix of Broadbased and Niche content. So no loyalty here and who grabs […]


Drivers and Challenges for Broadcasters, Content owners and Pay TV operators to launch OTT

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Apr, 2017

Online video consumption has grown at an amazing pace. Consumers want to view their choice of content anytime, anywhere. Further they prefer to pay only for what they view. OTT allows content owners to have a wider reach and direct access to consumers. They can understand the viewing patterns and accordingly push relevant content. Broadcasters, content owners and Pay TV operators are moving towards OTT to protect their turf in the market and stay ahead of the competition. Key to success would be to understand the drivers of OTT, technologies […]


Bundling vs. À la carte – Best way to monetize content for OTT providers

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Oct, 2016

The key for any business survival is to create maximum value for the customer, to get maximum returns. Thus value creation in OTT space is accomplished by delivering the best content at right price that is adaptable to all devices. As content is the king but getting the right content that bring more customers is still a major problem faced by OTT providers, also selection and implementation of the correct monetization strategy too plays a crucial role in order to reap maximum returns. Where the real power still lies in […]