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Why OTT needs agile subscription billing platform for success?

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Jan, 2019

  Over the top (OTT) services have revolutionized the way in which the world enjoys media and entertainment. Streaming of media over the internet has led to a swifter delivery of preferred content via online on our smart devices, thereby replacing broadcast television and cable services and it is quite evident from the stats. In a report by Experian Marketing Services, it was documented that that about 7.3 percent (8.6 million) US households have completely given up the traditional TV cable system. The report was compiled in the year 2015 […]


OTT Everywhere……

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Sep, 2017

Last few quarters it’s OTT Everywhere. Broadcasters to Content Houses to startups to operators, everyone’s talking OTT. It all looks exciting, but the big question – what’s the Success Factors? and what draws viewers to a platform.  According to me Content, Pricing, Ease of use and Analytics/Recommendations will define the success of the platform. Content: While the flexibility to watch content anywhere anytime is exciting, it’s the content that matters. Operators will have to find the right mix of Broadbased and Niche content. So no loyalty here and who grabs […]


How OTT service providers like Netflix, Hulu etc. are contributing to the demise of Pay TV?

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Dec, 2016

The year 2020 seems to be looked at as the year when TV industry will die as the OTT players like Netflix and Hulu will take over the audience. Well, a point to ponder upon it is… While it’s true that traditional subscriber and pay TV revenue growth has gone down specifically in USA, and it’s expected to be stalled by the start of the next decade, that doesn’t mean there’s no more money to be made in television. For the moment the report by Price Water House Coopers (PwC) says so […]


OTT Cannibalizing the Traditional TV

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Apr, 2016

Today, consuming video content has become a totally different experience than it was few years before, mainly due to the availability of extra options beyond the traditional TV. For some people, watching videos online is easier, more reliable, and convenient. Over-The-Top services (OTT) now provides a wide variety of content which is legally available over the Internet, such Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, and many others. Due to the greater growth in the number of alternative options, TV viewers, cable subscribers, as well as advertisers are now turning […]


The Latest OTT Monetizing Strategies

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Mar, 2016

The world is moving towards online video services consumption at a very fast pace. Consumers’ expectations are varying with the available gamut of digital assets. With the advent of OTT in the digital era, consuming video services over the internet has become a very different experience which is reliable, easy and truly a mobile experience. Over the top services allow people to consume the content of their choice, get the access to the content wherever they are connected to internet and pay only for what they view. This makes people […]


“TV Everywhere” is becoming popular. Are developing markets OTT ready, Now?

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Sep, 2015

As the demand for OTT is growing rapidly in the developed markets, operators in the emerging markets are not sure about the timing of adopting OTT model for new revenues. As an overlay, businesses need to overcome these bottlenecks for the successful adoption of OTT platform. High speed data infrastructure: The high quality and high speed network is not ubiquitous in the developing markets, thus challenging businesses in the adoption of OTT. Even if there are growing investments in broadband infrastructure for improved network speed and performance, the caps on […]