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Bundled vs Pick and Pay TV offerings

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Nov, 2016

This March, 2016 CRTC(Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission) launched a “Skinny” cable TV service for their country. It was observed that the consumers are fed up with heaps of bills because of clunky cable full of bundles of channels at display. This way the CRTC decided to introduce the “skinny” television services, which finally released the tyrannical services from the customers. This was the base of the initiation of skinny cable services and the pick and Pay TV offerings. Now,the question tickles our brain that- Does the decision of going skinny […]


Does cutting the Pay TV cord makes sense in emerging economies?

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Nov, 2016

After decades of dutifully paying your cable bill, you may feel that finally it’s right to cut the cord with pay TV and craft your own package of home entertainment options. You may feel now that you need to herald a new type of viewing relationship with your television or let’s put it in another way: Your cable bill was just too high for you to manage and paying for irrelevant content! Access to high speed broadband is economical and once you start accessing content through broadband connection you may […]


Sell Digital TV Connections on Subscription Model

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Sep, 2016

Across the world, owing to business pressures, government legislations, demand for higher quality television viewing experience, and proliferation of technology, more and more homes are getting connected by Digital Television. Pay TV companies: MSOs, LCOs, DTH and DTT players, besides satellite and HITS companies are transforming and moving to offering digital TV, while analog TVs are being increasingly switched off. While the global trend to go digital is unimpeachable, there is a growing pressure on Pay TV companies to invest huge amounts of capital expenditure and do a rigorous evaluation […]