MultiplayJuly 19, 2022

Why Multiplay Solutions Are a Best Fit for Cable TV and ISPs?

The multiplay segment in media and entertainment has been witnessing a massive boom, with bundled services gaining momentum in the customer demand. Multiplay services include the provision of different services: quadplay, triple play, etc., as part of the same service.

For example, watches, mobiles, computers, and social media networks began as distinct and independent technologies. But now they have unified in multiple ways as smaller components of the overarching media, entertainment, and telecommunication industry. When this domain model is replicated for Cable TV and ISPs, the benefits too are multi-fold.

Multiplay for Cable TVs and ISPs:

Network convergence in multiplay implies the situation where telephone, video, and data communication services operate within a common network. In simpler words, one business delivers benefits for all types of communication. This model is effectively stimulated by the development of technology and the demand for it. It also enables Cable TV and ISP customers access a broader range of services and pick their favorite service provider. On the other hand, it allows service providers to offer innovative services, adopt new business models, and penetrate fresh markets.

Working on the same model, there are traditionally satellite-based companies that are slowly surpassing the space to focalize other on-demand services like OTT, Broadband, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), etc. The businesses are being sported on diverse combos of the above-mentioned services.

For example, Company A offers Pay TV and OTT services, while Company B delivers services in Pay TV, Broadband, and OTT, thus widening their scope of service. In this manner, businesses can swell up on a larger chunk of customers while offering the choice of multiple service preferences.

Models of Multiplay Services: 

Here are a few examples of multiplay services offered by multiplay businesses.

Type 1:

The triple play offers home phone, high-speed internet, and DirectTV services. This standard can also provide double-play bundles of any two services.

 Type 2:

This type also provides triple-play and double-play packages. Triple play includes U-verse TV, digital phone, and the internet, while double play comprises of the phone and high-speed broadband internet. In explicit locations, one can also bundle in a wireless connection.

Type 3:

Type 3 facilitates the provision of three offerings and the option to bundle as many of the services as desired and obtain a discount on the combined bill. The three offerings can be a digital telephone with unlimited local and long-distance calling, high-speed internet, and advanced TV with an exact set of channels.

Multiplay services and digital convergence have channelled all of life into our single living room. Before, every unit worked independently, and networks were not as interconnected. But now, data streams on a single network and is saved, read, viewed, or listened to via similar types of devices.

Networks, technologies, and content are congregating on a single device. The result of it is that it saves much time and makes life easier. We have frequently heard the phrase: “The best of both the worlds.” Multiplay services do the same as this model insists on the provision of the best of all associated businesses. With Multiplay, the TV and Internet experience are set to undergo a seismic change.

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