Simplified Subscription Billing Lifecycle Management

Magnaquest Sure: Robust, Modular, and Scalable

Render the Perfect Subscription Experience

Sure is a multidisciplinary subscription management platform that streamlines billing and revenue management, automating the entire subscription management process effortlessly.

Conversions and Acquisition

Automate acquisition process, increasing conversions and sales. Make acquisitions efficient, driving conversions and sales.

Billing & Revenue Management

Establish smooth billing with real-time revenue detection. Ensure recurring revenue on time and a hassle-free/smooth billing process.

Retention & Churn Management

Reduce churn friction and improve customer experience. Deliver ceaseless/persistent customer experience and reduce churn.

A ground-breaking recurring subscription billing management platform

Sure is designed to help companies maximize subscription revenue, build, nurture relationships and minimize customer churn.

Fast-tracked Evaluation

Understanding the ecosystem's needs in two weeks

Quick Launch

Embarking on out-of-the-box features in just six weeks

Shorter Implementation Period

Ensuring project implementation in just one month

Easy Scale

Growing with more customers made easy

Magnaquest Sure: Why Companies Prefer Us

01Build Strong Relationships

With cutting-edge capabilities, flexible packages and exciting offers, address customers’ pain points, nurturing relationships with them and ensuring customer loyalty.

02Manage Churn

Profitably manage churn by cross-selling and upselling products and services, maximizing average revenue per user.

03Gain Valuable Insights

Get access to significant customer insights using our easy-to-use visualisation tools and deliver personalized experiences.

Among the world’s leading subscription lifecycle management software solutions

Our flagship product, Sure, offers competitive subscription lifecycle management software capabilities that are trusted by enterprises across the globe
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