Magnaquest is at the centre of a subscription revolution.

Magnaquest is a pioneer in enabling subscription businesses across the world through its flagship platform – Sure.

Here’s why you can depend on us

Global Footprint

We have customers in over 20 countries who cater to more than 24 million customers each month. The growing applicability of the subscription model is ensuring a rapid increase in these numbers with each passing month. Magnaquest counts many of the world’s largest companies as its customers, including STAR, Discovery, Disney and Hathway, which is a testament to the robustness of the Sure platform and its advanced features.


A subscription life cycle management platform that enables brands to deliver delightful customer experiences with zero hassle.

With modular, scalable features to manage billing and engage with subscribers across a spectrum of communication channels, Sure helps companies maximize subscription revenue, build and nurture relationships and minimize customer churn.


With over two decades of experience, Magnaquest has a demonstrated history of providing best-in-class services that span the entire spectrum of engagement between customer and company.

We have provided solutions in domains such as pay-tv, broadband, multi-play and utility.

How we are enabling subscriptions or usage based billing

Business Benefits

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Build Strong Relationships

Many growing consumer businesses are relying on subscription-led revenue models. What matters most in this model is the relationship you’ve built with your customers. This involves driving customer loyalty with the right content, discount, package or communication. Sure enables you to do all of this in a seamless manner.

To stay competitive, businesses in the subscription economy must maximize average revenue per user. This requires the business to keep cross-selling and upselling its products and services over time. Sure ensures you have multiple ways of keeping customers engaged and opportunities to monetize the relationships.
The ability to take smart decisions quickly hinges on the availability of data. Sure helps you make sense of the wealth of information you generate on your customers with easy-to-use data visualization tools and configurable reports and dashboards.

Product Features

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Subscriber Management

A subscription business needs tremendous flexibility when it comes to identity management so that it can keep innovating and tailor products and services to their customer. Sure has the depth to provide you with a 360-degree view of your customers so that you understand their changing needs and recommend relevant products, services and promotions to lengthen the relationship.

Sure brings simplicity to what is otherwise a complicated aspect of the subscription model. Billing is typically problematic because of the flexibility a customer wants and the range of customizations a business requires. Sure supports every revenue-generating opportunity possible, from volume-based pricing to multi-currency support.
The best subscription businesses keep their customers engaged consistently, resolve their problems as quickly as possible, and never fail to slip in an opportunity to cross-sell or upsell when the time is right. Sure’s Customer Relationship Management platform comprises lead management tools, business intelligence dashboards and a marketing platform for effective two-way communication with you subscribers.

Our Customers


Industries Using Sure

Sure can be adapted to a subscription business in any industry, from retail to broadband.

Learn about how our solution puts your customer in focus.

Pay TV

Pay-TV has remained the mainstay of content consumption for millions of consumers around the world and the subscription-based business model is the reason behind it. Now, it is a crucial time for the Pay-TV service provider to monetize value-added packages, bundles and other features to increase their recurring revenue.

Multi Play

In this rapidly growing age, multi-play has become an omnipresent and essential commodity, and thanks to subscription models that the industry is thriving. Each day more and more people are looking forward for multiple services through a single platform. This has been leading this transformation, by offering great choice and flexibility to subscribers and a recurring and dependable revenue source to service providers.


OTT has taken the media and content space by storm. Well-planned subscription models and groundbreaking content are responsible for this new revolution. Subscription models work great for OTT service providers, content creators, partners and end-users alike and thus the most preferred way to monetize.


The education space in the recent past has been witnessing stellar growth with more and more learners getting on board. Schools and individual learners are supplementing their existing courses with online modules and resources. The subscription models have been pivotal in this learning revolution by offering wide choices and flexibility to learn according to the individuals wish and will.

Media & Publications

The media space is no newcomer to the subscription ecosystem. Subscription has been and continues to remain the most efficient way to monetize media from e-books to newspapers and magazines. The digital revolution has fostered new opportunities to offer seamless digital content delivery with greater emphasis on better user experience.


Box companies almost exclusively run on subscription models, encouraging the users to subscribe to a variety of timed and tiered plans. With the competition growing steeply, box companies need to ensure that they step up and stay ahead with innovative offerings and monetization options.


The B2B space has embraced the subscription model to offer seamless products, services and support to the consumers. There is a drift towards SaaS offering as a reliable revenue stream based on the subscription model. The B2B space is destined to grow by leaps and bounds as people have already started adapting to connected devices and experiences. Such models predominantly require a platform that is versatile to accommodate business exigencies and to enrich the customer experience.