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The Power Is on Your Side or Think Different. Choose Sure.

From niche start-ups to growing enterprises, businesses in the B2C sector are adapting to fit new customer needs. Businesses can delight their customers with subscription models that offer variety, simplicity, and flexibility. Our subscription billing software, Sure is specifically designed to meet these custom and complex needs.

Sure enables to

  • Engage customers with advanced features, best packages, and flexible plans.
  • Offer customized services, real-time responses, memorable experiences, and continuous value.
  • Handle your expanding business’s complicated operations and transactions easily.
  • Create new packages based on a 360-degree perspective of your clientele.

Create a new experience for B2C with Sure

  • Target the subscriber’s interests by providing a variety of plans and usage models from which they can pick.
  • Effectively handle the campaigns with customer acquisition & retention, Magnaquest Sure is the one stop solution for all the B2C subscription needs.
  • Bring disparate sources of customer data together in one dashboard for a comprehensive picture of each subscriber across channels and interactions.
  • With the customer care portal, capture customer preferences, interactions, and transactions to promote customized content tailored to the interests of the users.
  • Consumers desire to have influence over the products and services they purchase. Sure allows the subscribers to pick how they buy and receive precise, automated bills.
  • Subscribers can even handle their own payment methods, upgrades, add-ons, suspensions, and downgrades using self-service account administration.
  • Easily integrate with CRM, eCommerce, and accounting systems to make customer management, asset management, financial reporting, and accounting closure as simple as possible.
  • It enables you to provide exceptional consumer experience at every step.

Discover The Subscription Revolution

Learn how Sure helps different industries build seamless customer experiences that translate into recurring revenue.