Want to Accelerate your OTT business in Multi-dimensions?

VALUE-DRIVEN OTT SOLUTIONFind-out new ways to Monetize Further

Scale-up with strategic acquisitions to an Enterprise Level

Most of today’s flourishing media entities always test and try out unique revenue ideas to monetize content. Therefore, as an established player, the power to launch, experiment, and review subscriptions quickly become imperative for you. Sure, our state-of-the-art subscription and billing platform takes away the necessity to be tech-savvy to convey your offers to the market just within a few minutes.

Sure equips you with an eclectic suite of subscriber management and billing mechanisms that allow you to boost revenues with increased plan flexibility, better customer management, and enhanced ability to stack or unstack digital content.

What you can do with Sure

Our Flagship Product
  • ROKU, Firestick, iOS, Android compatible
  • Pre-integrated with 100+ payment gateways including In-App and Wallets
  • Pre-integrated with multiple CMS systems
  • Offer Micro charging with small Content & Duration Packs
  • Create segment-specific products
  • Segment users and run suitable campaigns
  • Bundle and promote content packs to upsell/cross-sell content
  • Launch new services with pre-configured business rules
  • Quick roll-outs with meaningful insights about current business such as Subscription & Revenue Analytics
  • Expand the business with an integration-ready & adaptable architecture
  • Adapt on the go with inbuilt workflow engine
  • Win-back subscribers with promotions, discounts, coupons, etc.
  • Predict voluntary and in-voluntary churn
  • Control trial frauds with smart algorithms
  • Automate payment retries with in-built failover algorithms.
  • On-board channel partners easily such as Telcos, ISPs, etc.
  • Target partner subscribers with special packs and discounts
  • Automate Revenue relationships with Partners based on Sales or Amount
  • Move to new regions with multi-country currency support
  • Launch a preferred gateway in 2 weeks’ time
  • Launch products dynamically with segmentation tool
  • Referral programs, gifting subscriptions and invite new users
  • Cite prices in local currency with local payment options
  • Loyalty points and redemptions
  • Route payments with preferred gateway & reduce processing charges

Discover The Subscription Revolution

Learn how Sure helps different industries build seamless customer experiences that translate into recurring revenue.