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VALUE-DRIVEN STARTUPS SOLUTIONLower Operational Cost and Minimized Churn

Start-ups and small businesses find Magnaquest Sure as an ally in their quest to find firm footing in the commercial world.

It’s a subscription billing and payment collection software that is flexible, keeps track of customers activity and ensures they don’t slip away due to the lack of effective follow ups. All this at no upfront price & a minimal recurring fee.

All beginnings are small, but the challenges are huge and varied. Considering these initial hurdles, you can count on Magnaquest to aid you in all stages of growth. Be sure to look up the various benefits you can derive from Magnaquest.

The Sure Advantage for Startups

You need a software that is flexible and enables a quick launch without any upfront costs, easy integrations, and easy workflow. Sure, does all of this while also facilitating a wide berth to explore various possible subscription packages, add-ons, product bundling, promotions, and discounts.

Lessons learnt from our tool operations give you a sense of what’s working and how you can maximize returns. Sure lets you experiment with varied pricing plans, flexible billing cycles, ranging from daily, weekly and monthly periods, to multi-year contracts, with a quick turnaround time.

Once you have found your strengths, you can now launch into an expansion drive with our out-of-the-box support for global regulatory compliance, multi-country taxation, currency and language.

You can give your growth story the cutting edge with a mid-size or enterprise capability. Introduce new ideas and scale up, all the while sustaining your business with the same Sure platform.

Discover The Subscription Revolution

Learn how Sure helps different industries build seamless customer experiences that translate into recurring revenue.