subscription fatigue in b2c
04Aug 2021

5 Ways to Handle Subscription Fatigue in B2C

Reading Time: 3 minutes Subscription fatigue has two distinct facets – one from the consumer’s perspective, where it is powered by that feeling of being overwhelmed by the number of automated transactions happening across their devices.

content based merchandising
03Aug 2021

Content-based Merchandising for B2C

Reading Time: 4 minutes The importance of high-quality content is soaring today, more than ever before. The content also needs to be more innovative, appealing, and, most of all, presented powerfully for the person reading it.

subscription possibilities in financial services banner
05Jul 2021

Subscription Possibilities in Financial Services

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is an undeniable fact that subscription services are on the rise. Due to the pandemic, the world has been stuck at home and has been spending money on digital products and services that make dealing with this new normal a tad bit easier.

energizing vehicle subscriptions
02Jun 2021

Energizing Monthly Mobility with Vehicle Subscriptions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Across the globe, customers are fast moving to subscription models for all things of regular use. From their entertainment to personal hygiene products, grocery supplies, to essential reading, ownership no longer has the same value it once did.

More airlines are following the lead and trying to establish a subscriptions in their customer base while ensuring fixed revenue for the future. Also, many airlines are establishing tie-ups, allowing customers to fly with alliance airlines for a minimal cost.
25Mar 2021

The Ascent of Airline Subscriptions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Since most businesses are going the subscription way, why should airlines stay behind? The pandemic hit the aviation business pretty bad, and if there’s one strategy that can help the players revive, it’s this.