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Value-driven solutions rendering lower operational costs and minimized churn with

Upscaling B2B Subscription Billing Operations

integration-friendly abilities for seamless usage rating and service provisioning

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OTT VOD is growing at an impressive CAGR rate of 17% and you have

Manage your B2B Subscriptions

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found the right partner in Magnaquest to help you beat this growth!

Why Sure?

Today’s dynamic trends in B2B Recurring Billing businesses call for a powerful Subscription-Management system and not just a simple subscription billing platform. This, in combination with the Sure functionalities, equip you to cultivate healthier customer relationships. Sure helps your business scale with:

Sure is an end-to-end unified B2B Subscription Management software that helps identify, measure and manage Subscription-based businesses besides providing regular billing management in order to cultivate healthier customer relationships. Sure helps your business scale with:

Specialized management of subscriptions is crucial for fast-growing B2B businesses, looking beyond regular billing systems. Sure presents operational ease to attain, sustain and cultivate healthier customer relationships and helps your business scale with:

  • Seamless automation of revenue and operational transactions
  • Quick launch of complex subscription plans
  • Faster integrations with any internal or external system
  • Self-service contract management abilities for your customers

Here’s how Sure helps:

Quick time to market with the best B2B Subscription Billing Platform

Faster Go To Market

Minimal effort and a quick time frame

  • Dynamic pricing and packaging
  • Quickly create, test and implement new service launches
  • Multiple payment options with 50+ pre-integrated payment gateways
  • Reduced operation cost, increased recurring revenue and minimized churn
Comprehensive B2B Recurring Billing Software


A simple billing process for growing industry needs

  • Convergent charging and B2B recurring billing solution
  • Adaptable to multiple billing processes and complex subscription deals
  • Unlimited choice of subscription models
  • Customized rate cards to accommodate customers’ business trends/projections
Highly engaging B2B Customer Relationships

Nurture Relationships

Maintain strong relationships and ensure customer satisfaction

  • End to end solution for flexible contract management
  • Customer care and self-care portals
  • Segmented campaigns, promotions, incentives
  • Effective dunning
Actionable insights and trend analysis with our B2B subscription Billing Software

Analytics & Reports

Analytics and Reporting Tool (ART)

  • Comprehensive business data to generate quality insights.
  • Understand demographics, customer profile, plans, payment failures, performance analysis
  • Churn, MRR, LTV, ARPU to analyse business trends for appropriate decision making

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