Why Sure?

B2B businesses are trying to adopt different business models. And it is not just confined to selling the product but there is a drift towards SaaS with a reliable revenue stream based on subscription model. This is an engagement model that warrants consistent relationships between the businesses throughout the journey. To make this a reality there is a need for a suite of services to be handled in one go with unquestionable capabilities and in a worthwhile manner. Such models predominantly require a platform that is versatile to accommodate business exigencies and to enrich the customer experience.

Here’s how Sure helps:

Faster Go To Market

Sure is designed to experiment and grow your business using its dynamic pricing and packaging solution. With Sure’s highly efficient monetization solution, you can easily create, test and implement new launches including the trial offerings with minimal effort and in a quick time frame. You benefit from other necessary features such as multiple payment options, diversified product catalog and seamless onboarding process thereby ensuring minimal churn.


Sure is an end to end convergent charging and billing solution, enabling your customers to subscribe for the products and services, thus simplifying the billing process. Using Sure’s effective billing solution you can comfortably adapt to multiple billing processes involving different deals like fixed cost, cost per unit, usage-based, progressive and hybrid models. System also gives you the ability to customize the billing solution to accommodate growing industry needs.

Nurture Relationships

In this modern era, businesses usually revolve around maintaining strong relationships with its subscribers making lifetime value a significant factor. Sure CRM solution offers you an end to end solution by providing facilities such as flexible contract management, customer care and selfcare portals, segmented campaigns, promotions, incentives and effective dunning mechanism that will help you to understand their requirements and ensure customer satisfaction.

Analytics & Reports

Sure’s analytics and reporting tool gives you a comprehensive view of your business along with an ability to generate quality insights. It helps you in understanding some of the significant aspects such as customer profile, payment failures, performance analysis based on various factors such as demographics, plans revenues among others. Additionally, it will enlighten you in every possible way by providing industry standard metrics like churn, MRR, LTV, ARPU that can help you in analyzing the business trends and there by taking appropriate decisions.

Our Customers



Seamless integration with our CAS during its first phase of roll-out in India reduced our time to market drastically, helps us generate accurate monthly bills like Broadcaster report, customized billing report and generating TRAI-recommended reports and MIS reports… also the ability to define various promotional schemes and using the commission’s module to define differential commission rules.

Gurmeet Singh

Director Manthan Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd., India