Why Sure?

The ability to learn anytime, anywhere, and at one’s own pace augmented with the explosion of highspeed internet connectivity, smartphones, creative content and on-demand availability on cloud-based platforms has transformed and democratized learning. Traditional learning methodologies are increasingly being supplemented and sometimes even being replaced with micro-learning. This has created a conducive environment for content creators and service providers to monetize their offerings. This demands constant engagement and coordination between service providers, content developers, partners and end-users, for which an efficient subscription and monetization platform is needed. Sure platform provides solid monetization solutions including marketing, payment terms, schedules and partner management to quickly get your e-Learning service up and running.

This is how Sure can help:

Seamless Onboarding

With Sure your can now make new student/ learner onboarding a breeze. Integration and support for social media sign-ups, free limited trial offers, coupons, gift subscriptions, and promotions are par for the course. Attract new learners and offer targeted content based on learner preferences and courses with Sure’s smart insights and analytics.

Smart Learning

Its possible to gamify your e-Learning platform using Sure. You keep learners engaged as you develop, experiment and deploy new features, content and tools. You nurture invaluable long term relationship with your learners as they keep discovering new, personalized and interesting content.

Quick-Fix Payment Failures

With Sure you can proactively identify and detect payment failures by using the payment method updater mechanism and quickly act to rectify it. This helps you to swiftly follow-up with the subscribers and ensure a simple and seamless payment experience.

Smart Insights & Reports

Sure’s analytics and reports offer intelligible real-time insights into learner preferences, usage patterns, payments, service disruptions, course subscription trends, time spent on a course/ module, course completion trends to help you to make informed decisions for your new course/ feature offerings to match learners needs, interests and requirements. It also equips you with some important metrics like churn, LTV, MRR, APRU, etc to help you proactively engage with your subscribers and strategize the business in an efficient and time bound manner.

Our Customers



Magnaquest Sure’s experience with regulatory compliances like NTO, TRAI, GST and the availability of Sure Billing and CRM application on AWS cloud platform contributed to our speedy launch into the market. Their consulting approach methodology helped us to achieve our business goals.

Suman Chakraborty

Director, Independent TV