Why Sure?

With the advent of Over-The-Top (OTT) services, customers have become highly demanding of the quality and value for money. OTT services are in vogue as they provide a better choice, flexibility, and a greater overall value to the consumers. They have the potential as a recurring source of revenue for both traditional and digital service providers. This could prove to be a challenge for those seeking to switch to OTT as various internal and external services need meticulous realignment to make the shift.

Here’s how Sure simplifies that:

Shortest Time To Market

Built on an open integration framework, Sure is pre-integrated with leading online video platforms and can be seamlessly integrated to other third-party platforms or software on the go. Sure’s smart work-flow engine enables content owners and service providers to quickly introduce newer services, processing of new orders and fulfilling the same. With support for multiple currencies, multi-level taxation, pre-integration with DRM, middleware, CMS and other ecosystem partners, Sure offers a quick and efficient way to monetize and market your OTT services.

Billing Intelligence

Legacy billing solutions rely heavily on physical identities such as home phone numbers or addresses to create customer identity. This is a barrier for OTT services to efficiently capitalize on their offerings. With Sure, service providers can offer support for quick authentication using social media accounts. You can deploy smart content suggestions based on subscribers’ interests, support event-based pre-paid, post-paid billing, online billing/payments as one time or recurring. Sure facilitates you to accept multiple currency payments at customer convenience.

Sure also helps you handle partner engagement with channel partners /content providers for revenue sharing purposes.

Customer Management

Customers love it when they know they are in control of their subscription plans and can take informed decisions. With Sure, you can offer your subscribers the freedom to manage, customize their accounts and plans as they desire, ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction and trust. With automation of processes including lead management, contact center, trouble ticket management, subscriber web self-care, get ready to take your customer relationship to a whole new level.

Business Analytics

Sure offers a smart 3600view of each of your customers empowering you to garner quality insights, make content recommendations, create personalized offerings, user reports, and swift resolution to issues raised. Sure’s business analytics platform forms a solid bedrock on which newer services and offerings can be monetized for existing customers and also acquire newer ones in the process.

Our Customers

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In 2013, we implemented Magnaquest’s Sure platform as a greenfield operator and at present we have over a million subscribers. We found this platform scalable and extensible. Moving forward, we have plans to launch Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and Over-the-top (OTT) services using this platform.

Jacob Joseph

CTO, Azam Media