B2B companies
15Jun 2020

Why B2B companies should make Payment Gateways their allies

Reading Time: 4 minutes Payment gateways often determine whether a customer stays or goes. It is that crucial! Those are the most vital and primary interfaces that customers have. Should they be opting to make a payment, this is where they expect a credible and easy online payment experience. Your customers need a reliable and quick method for making payments in exchange for services enjoyed. You must make it trustworthy and credible.

11Jun 2020

Five Significant ways you can meet Lockdown demands

Reading Time: 3 minutes Life is not the same anymore under lockdown. For businesses with a subscription base it has come to mean varied demands from different customers. In a way they require individual attention, but they are typical problems that can be bunched together for a common solution. It need not mean inventing the wheel for each and every challenge. While the issue affecting individual customers may be different, the resolution need not require separate effort for such a request.

15May 2020

How Digital publishers can generate revenues for their content with Subscription business

Reading Time: 5 minutes Remember running to the door for the morning newspaper first thing in the morning?
Skimming through the pages to see what had happened in the world between yesterday and
today? There was a time when smartphones were not as prominent. And consuming news
digitally was an alien concept. But today, everyone you know is looking at their phones and
giving you a new piece of information every day.

How the Publishing Industry is Embracing the Subscription Model
13Apr 2020

How the Publishing Industry is Embracing the Subscription Model

Reading Time: 7 minutes The key to survival in today’s world of ever-changing business strategies, is embracing digital transformation. Companies that fail to keep pace with fast-changing technological facets, may end up struggling. The publishing industry is trying to engage readership – which is on the decline, compete with the availability of free content, and navigate different platforms to distribute their content.

Top five challenges faced by VOD platforms
06Apr 2020

Top Five Challenges Faced by VOD Platforms

Reading Time: 5 minutes “Did you watch the latest episode of Stranger Things?”, “How did you like that documentary on the Fyre Festival?” Whether you’re at a party or an official gathering, chances are, someone will start the conversation about a show on one of the OTT platforms.

Top 6 Features a B2B Subscription Business must have
25Feb 2020

Top 6 Features a B2B Subscription Business must have

Reading Time: 5 minutes An e-commerce platform enables businesses to sell online. Different businesses opt for different kinds of platforms. With the increase in the adoption of the internet, a large portion of the B2C industry has moved from brick and mortar to e-commerce. B2B has always been perceived as one where sales representatives charm potential customers in person to secure a successful sale.

25Feb 2020

Important News regarding NTO 2.0

Reading Time: < 1 minute TRAI has announced changes to the Broadcasting and Cable services regulations on January 1st 2020. If there are no legal hurdles the same will be implemented from March 1st 2020.

Here are some of the main changes you should know that will impact your business.

Tasting success with a Subscription Model: how B2B businesses are doing it
25Feb 2020

Tasting success with a Subscription Model: how B2B businesses are doing it

Reading Time: 5 minutes What examples come to mind when you think of subscription businesses? Netflix, of course. Perhaps the Dollar Shave Club or Blue Apron. These are the names that Google throws up first when you search for subscription businesses. As B2C brands, these are certainly the most visible examples, but the subscription world is much larger.