sports ott streaming banner
24Aug 2021

Sports OTT: Transforming the Live Streaming Landscape

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sports Broadcasting has been witnessing fast growth. The power ratio has been steadily slipping away from the regular satellite providers that had once consumed the industry because demand for new online channels has risen.

subscription fatigue in b2c
04Aug 2021

5 Ways to Handle Subscription Fatigue in B2C

Reading Time: 3 minutes Subscription fatigue has two distinct facets – one from the consumer’s perspective, where it is powered by that feeling of being overwhelmed by the number of automated transactions happening across their devices.

More airlines are following the lead and trying to establish a subscriptions in their customer base while ensuring fixed revenue for the future. Also, many airlines are establishing tie-ups, allowing customers to fly with alliance airlines for a minimal cost.
25Mar 2021

The Ascent of Airline Subscriptions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Since most businesses are going the subscription way, why should airlines stay behind? The pandemic hit the aviation business pretty bad, and if there’s one strategy that can help the players revive, it’s this.

Tasting success with a Subscription Model: how B2B businesses are doing it
25Feb 2020

Tasting success with a Subscription Model: how B2B businesses are doing it

Reading Time: 5 minutes What examples come to mind when you think of subscription businesses? Netflix, of course. Perhaps the Dollar Shave Club or Blue Apron. These are the names that Google throws up first when you search for subscription businesses. As B2C brands, these are certainly the most visible examples, but the subscription world is much larger.