The Power of a robust Subscription Billing Platform

In a constantly evolving business scene, subscription-based businesses offer a fresh take on the agility and flexibility to deliver great products and services to help uncover new revenue flows with enhanced recurring billing and subscription management.


Of all business leaders opine that Subscriptions will become the order of the day in the times to come

– Global Banking and Finance Review


Of all the traditional & greenfield software players, entrants are embracing the subscription model

– Gartner


The expected reach of the subscription and billing management market by 2025

– Zion Market Research

Why Subscription is the new business fad?

Better Choice

With subscriptions, consumers have the freedom to choose what they want, when they want, how often, and how to pay for it.

Extended Revenue Flow

Subscriptions if done right can offer businesses solid and foreseeable recurring revenues and also ensure constant adaptation to the changing market dynamics.

Refined Scalability

With real-time metrics on subscriber usage, deeper insights can be generated to swiftly design and deploy value-added services increasing the scalability.

Convenience and Personalization

Subscriptions offer impeccable convenience as consumers can quickly get on board, try products/ services/ features, and sign-up for a subscription plan.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Subscription-based businesses constantly engage with the subscribers, and offer efficient resolutions, ensuring a better experience.

Extended Loyalty

Subscriptions help ensure long-term relationships with your subscribers. Once onboard, they will keep coming back, as long as you keep innovating by offering good value and satisfaction.

Subscription-Focused Businesses

Industries where the subscription model efficiently monetizes offerings –

Magnaquest: Catapulting the
Subscription Revolution

Consumers are changing, and so are businesses. With subscriptions, come boosted recurring revenue and better business. At our essence, Magnaquest renders our safe, scalable and successful subscription billing platform- Sure. It blends to serve the unique needs of any business- whether you’re looking at subscriptions for the first time or are expanding your ventures economically or geographically.


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Trends shaking the
subscription universe

As we move towards the business end of the year, let’s take a quick look at the trends that are impacting the subscription world.

win-big subscribe blog

Subscribing to the Subscription World,
a business model that’s here to stay

Welcome to the subscription world. For a small recurring fee, you can get access to all of these wherever you are, whenever you want.


Win Big on the battlefield of the
Subscription Business

Entertainment, Education, IT Solutions, PayTV, and many other industries are reshaping their revenue streams with a subscription model.

Sure Features

billing features


    • Supports varied recurring billing models
    • Configurable pro-rata adjustments
    • Multi-currency, multi-payment, and taxation support
    • Pre-integrated payment gateways

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crm features


    • Customer Single View
    • Prospect Management
    • Customer Communication
    • Trouble Ticket Handling

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partner management

Partner Management

    • Partner Contract Management
    • Hierarchy-based Data Access
    • Partner Billing & Revenue Settlement
    • Coupling Partner Locations

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analytics features

Analytics & Billing Intelligence

    • Real-time Dashboards
    • Instant Web Reports
    • Short Implementation Lifecycle
    • Low-cost Maintenance & Support

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Pay TV


Pay TV has remained the mainstay of content consumption for millions of consumers around the world and the subscription-based business model is the reason behind it. Now, it is a crucial time for the Pay TV service provider to monetize value-added packages, bundles and other features to increase their recurring revenue.

Multi Play


In this rapidly growing age, multi-play has become an omnipresent and essential commodity, and thanks to subscription models that the industry is thriving. Each day more and more people are looking forward for multiple services through a single platform. This has been leading this transformation, by offering great choice and flexibility to subscribers and a recurring and dependable revenue source to service providers.



OTT has taken the media and content space by storm. Well-planned subscription models and groundbreaking content are responsible for this new revolution. Subscription models work great for OTT service providers, content creators, partners and end-users alike and thus the most preferred way to monetize.

Media & Publications


The media space is no newcomer to the subscription ecosystem. Subscription has been and continues to remain the most efficient way to monetize media from e-books to newspapers and magazines. The digital revolution has fostered new opportunities to offer seamless digital content delivery with greater emphasis on better user experience.



The B2B space has embraced the subscription model to offer seamless products, services and support to the consumers. There is a drift towards SaaS offering as a reliable revenue stream based on the subscription model. The B2B space is destined to grow by leaps and bounds as people have already started adapting to connected devices and experiences. Such models predominantly require a platform that is versatile to accommodate business exigencies and to enrich the customer experience.

“We evaluated few globally renowned solutions and found that
SURE! has functionalities that suit our broadband requirements… we are
anticipating considerable enhancement in our operations.”

-Yen Choi ,
Group EVP / CTO Netcom Africa