Trends shaking the subscription world
06Nov 2019

Trends shaking the subscription universe

Reading Time: 4 minutes What do developments in edu-tech mean for quality education across the country? How is the media and publishing industry coming to terms with new realities of digitization and fake news? What does the future hold for the burgeoning OTT platform? Let’s take a quick look at the trends that are impacting the subscription world.

06Nov 2019

4 consumer trends powering the growth of subscription businesses

Reading Time: 3 minutes All of a sudden ‘subscription’ seems to be the success mantra! It is occupying centre stage and reportedly growing at 18% CAGR. What explains this boom? Consumer behaviour holds the key. What we buy, where we shop, how we choose and how we pay. Here are 4 interesting trends in consumer behaviour that are fueling the growth of subscription businesses.

09Sep 2019

Win Big in the battlefield of the Subscription Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes Subscription is the new growth mantra. Entertainment, Education, IT Solutions, PayTV and many other industries are reshaping their revenue streams with subscription model. Learn how to quickly and easily create, scale and sustain an ever-changing subscriber base with SURE from Magnaquest.

04Dec 2018

Why are Data Analytics crucial for Pay TV operators?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The recommendation system influences about 80% of content streamed on Netflix
– Netflix estimates that its algorithms save about $ 1 Billion a year in value from customer retention
– Netflix analyzes customers’ choices and customer feedback on the movies they have viewed— over 1 billion reviews of movies they liked, loved, hated, and so forth
– Netflix will often recommend movies that fit the customer’s preference profile but that aren’t in high demand.