Easing the OTT Service Selection Process for Consumers

As an OTT service provider, maximizing service reach, irrespective of device type, becomes the primary concern. But with the rising number of OTT service providers, holding on to existing customers or gaining new subscribers has become challenging. Easing the OTT service selection process for consumers with an impeccable onboarding process, honest and transparent communication, and advanced user insights can help OTT service providers to gain advantage over their competitors.

The growth of OTT is leading to a change in the video viewing behaviour of consumers. There are certain considerations that you can implement in your OTT service to keep up with the changing trends and provide exceptional user experience. We have listed down a few of them here:

Create an Impeccable Onboarding Process

The primary step to ease the OTT service selection process for consumers is to create an impeccable onboarding process for them. An intuitive user interface that enables users to navigate through the key functionalities smoothly and swiftly, and highlights the benefits of the service to the user is what prospects look for. Thus, create simple and clear instructions with actionable links for each step to the registration process and make sure of quick completion of the process. The process should be well-coordinated with optimized support and testing tools.

Cost-effective Pricing

The subscription price is a significant factor in the consumer buying decision. Viewers demand the best of features and an economical rate. OTT service providers need to strategize subscription pricing that aims to maximize the reach of the content cost effectively, while increasing revenue.

Be Honest and Transparent

Customer satisfaction is the way to increase customer retention, and honest and transparent communication is what they expect. OTT service providers should notify customers when and how they are about to be billed, along with a timeline for what customers can expect throughout the subscription process. Allow them to customize their notification settings so that they get notified before being charged. Creating a reliable communication platform that ensures quick resolution to all customer concerns is a great way to simplify the OTT service selection process.

Understand Customer Demand

To deliver a great user experience, companies should deliver personalized user experience and unique service value proposition. Having better user insights can help OTT service providers build a smart recommendation engine with the help of advanced tools. Analyzing the type of content consumers prefer and tracking their changing preferences over time helps recommend services that consumers can relate to. Use a powerful analytics tool with some in-depth stats for the performance of your videos and customer engagement in real time.

Make Service Accessible from Anywhere at Anytime

Consumers should be able to add, change, upgrade, or unsubscribe services from anywhere at any time and from any device of their choice. Moreover, they should be able to use the payment getaway of their choice.

Implement Artificial Intelligence

OTT service providers can also implement AI to help viewers navigate through their entertainment experiences and ease their OTT service selection process. It helps collect potential customer data to generate accurate content recommendations tailored specifically for each viewer. Its user-friendly search experience for viewers and mood analysis also improves customer experience.

A simplified OTT service selection process increases customer satisfaction and significantly minimizes the churn rate. At Magnaquest, we have developed a smarter OTT subscription billing platform, SURE, to boost the subscriber base. It’s seamless customer onboarding, tailor made options, and multi-currency payments and multi-level taxation eases the OTT service selection process for consumers. Moreover, SURE’s pre-integrated CMS provides 360 ° customer view and insights for personalized offerings.


  • Sharath Pothuganti

    Sharath makes his 12 years of experience in the IT field, deep technical expertise, engineering knowledge and team management experience, count in delivering customer-tailored solutions. His business expertise includes identification of customer needs, partnerships and provisioning of solution architecture. As part of the product marketing team Sharath’s focus is on OTT business development and shaping Magnaquest’s software product, Sure based on market need.